Haydarpasha Train Station

European style train station in Asia

Haydarpasha Train Station

West end of Asia railways

Sirkeci Train Station

Orient style train station in Eastern Europe

Galata Tower

Galata Tower in Istanbul

Back to the Future

Steam locomotive and DeLorean

Atkinson & Miller Cycle

Diesel engines for Locomotives and Atkinson & Miller Cycle with Toyota

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Pay attention to for sonic booming when train get into tunnel! After that, you can hear noise of train at the outside of the tunnel. It's about piston effect, air mass in front of the train and input and output design of the tunnels. Some tunnels' output have silencer design like nozzles.
Video uploaded by trainfart

Trains bring you to space!. It is Soyuz space craft and it rolls out by freight train. Load weight about 300 metric tons. 
Trenler sizi uzaya taşır!. Soyuz uzay aracı kalkış platformuna bir yük katarı vasıtası ile taşınırken. Uzay aracının takribi ağırlığı 300 tondur.

Locomotive wheel slipping by night and the result is below

Raylı sistemlerin tarihinden, teknik konulara kadar bir çok bilgi dolu ve ilgi çekici konuya değineceğiz.
We will refer to numerous information from the history to technical issues of rail systems.


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