Haydarpasha Train Station

European Style Train Station In Asia

Haydarpasha Train Station

West End Of Asia Railways

Sirkeci Train Station

Orient Style Train Station In Eastern Europe

Galata Tower

Galata Tower In Istanbul, Near Of 2nd Oldest Funicular In The World

Pera Palace

Orient Style Hotel

Sand Hydrophobization, Chemical Sand Hydrophobization Method, Sand Hydrophobization Formula

Please READ MORE for the Document. Sand Hydrophobization, Sand Hydrophobization Chemical Solution, Hydrophobic Sand. No more wheel slip on rails.
Chemical Sand Hydrophobization Method Pdf Chemical Sand Hydrophobization Method

Pantograph and Catenary Damages and Pantograph Airflow

Please READ MORE for the video. Pantograph and Catenary Damages and Pantograph Airflow.

Bad Track

Please READ MORE for the video. Too many fishplates in a short distance. Probably track has made by piece of rails.

Rail Joint and Crack

Please READ MORE for the video.Rail Joint and Crack.

Slug and Train Delay

Please READ MORE for the video. Slug and Train Delay. Small details can be big deal. Both of train schedule and punctuality are important things, slugs and snails or something like that too.





Train Passes Through Apartment, Monorail Station In Apartment

Please READ MORE for the video. There are two main different types of monorail system. Suspended (vehicle suspended below the track) and Straddle (vehicles over the track). Both of those type of monorails have advantages and disadvantages to each other. When deciding which to choose, landforms are significant variable. Suspended type needs columns throughout track, whereas some hills be useable as columns for straddle type of track. That monorail transportation system uses a apartment floor as a station.

Derailment Experiment, Railway Sabotage

Please READ MORE for the video. Test is not everything but many thing. This experiment is about controlled derailment of a freight train due to rail failure. It calls as shortly Sabotage. You can find out rail joint location type (Square (generally on alignment sections) or Staggered joint (generally on curve sections). We can say that bogies ensure alignment of wheels on track. Also wheel diameter is significant parameter for that kind of derailment. I have to say that Nadal and Weinstock criterions are about derailment (rail and wheel angles and their coefficient of friction and vertical and lateral forces etc.). 
Some of railway sabotages in literature. 
• 1905: 20th Century Limited derailment - Although unconfirmed, the evidence pointed heavily to malicious involvement in the derailment of the New York Central Railroad's crack passenger train, the 20th Century Limited, resulting in 21 deaths. 
• 1951: Huntly rail bridge bombing – a rail bridge in Huntly, New Zealand, was blown up in order to disrupt coal supplies to a nearby power station, aiding the cause of striking workers. 
• 1995: Palo Verde derailment – a train in Palo Verde, Arizona, was derailed by saboteurs shifting the rails out of position, causing one fatality. The case remains unsolved. 
• 2002: Rafiganj train wreck – a train derailed on a bridge over a river in Bihar, India, killing at least 130 people.

The Lost Train Zanetti

Please READ MORE for the video. Date: June 1911 Location: Lombardi Mountain Italy. Event : a train disappears with 104 passenger and crew. Zanetti the Railway company announced a free ride for a new model of its train. An interesting part of the event is 2 passengers could get out of train before it disappears. They was v shocked and in a very bad condition. One of them said that “as soon as he reached the tunnel that day, thick white smoke started filling the train. People suddenly got nervous and started screaming. Almost everyone felt that a big accident has happened on the train.” It's up to you to think it's a legend or a supernatural event.. On the other hand, you can think about earth’s magnetic field and rails are electrically conductive like Faraday Cage on earth.

Shinkansen, Bullet Train, High Speed Train, Yüksek Hızlı Tren

Please READ MORE for the video. Shinkansen (Nihongo) : Bullet Train A type of them have speed record with 603 km/s What about distance between home and workplace? If deem that distance is 30 km, you could reach your workplace in 3 minute theoretically.

Combined Railway, Funicular And Elevator

Please READ MORE for the video. One car, two function. Which slope is max. limitation on railways? 7 degree (12 %), 10 degree ( 17 %) or 12 degree (21 %)? Well, what about 90 degree (∞ %)?


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